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The East Denver Orthodox Synagogue

First Orthodox East Side Synagogue in Denver.
Committed to continued service to the entire Jewish Community.

The East Denver Orthodox Synagogue was established in 1962, and has served as a backbone of the Orthodox Community. We offer minyanim three times a day, shiurim, social programs, and youth programming, all in a friendly and warm environment. Our members have been instrumental in the establishment of many communal insititutions, such as the Eruv, the Mikvah, Bikur Cholim, all three day schools, Chevra Kadisha, Rose Hill Cemetery, and other important organizations.

EDOS is located within ready walking distance of the three hotels within the East Side Eruv, and has an accessible entrance. Please call us if you would like to visit and experience our Shabbos hospitality.

2014 Annual Dinner

EDOS is pleased to announce its annual event, September 18th

Honoring Michelle and Dr. Yitzchak Teitelbaum

Hakarat Hatov award: George Gumbiner

Dinner Chairs: Dr. Alex and Meryl Jacobs, and Myron and Dona Oliner.

Journal Chairs: Jeff and Terri Auerbach, and Shlomo Fried.

Special guest speaker: YU's Dr. David Pelcovitz

Ad Journal information can be found here!

Journal payments can be made on line on our Donate page

We look forward to seeing you there!

Tishrei Is Coming! Tishrei Is Coming!

Join us at EDOS for a very exciting kickoff for the year 5775!

Rabbi David Claman was raised in Ottawa, Canada.

In his current position as a senior member of the Columbus Community Kollel, Rabbi Claman coordinates and leads the Maimonides Medical Ethics Society, delivers weekly Shiurim and delivers twice-monthly Shabbos lectures at the local Orthodox Shuls.

He and his wife Shira (nee Willig), who holds a Masters in Jewish Education and Administration from Azrieli Graduate School, are blessed to be raising three young sons, Yaakov, Shlomo and Ezra.

Click on Yomim Noraim brochure or Succot brochure at the right for details.

Audio Shiur

EDOS Aron Project

With great excitement EDOS announces a generousl donation of a new Ahron, Bimah, Amud, and paneling throughout the front wall of the Shul.

We expect to complete the remodel by early summer.

The project is dedicated to the memory of our esteemed long-time member Joseph Weissbrot, of blessed memory, and spearheaded by the Weissbrot and Swinkin family and friends, including the Strear Family Foundation.

We encourage everyone to come and visit and celebrate as we embark on a new journey in EDOS history.

This project will help beautify our Shul, and as well be a beacon to help continue in spreading our mission and vision.
There is a classic phrase from the Gemorah which describes what a Shul is supposed to be: "Beit T'Fillah: A House of Davening; Beit Midrash: House ofLlearning; and Beit Knesset: House of Community". Actually, Bayit means "home "and not "house"--and we feel the need to make EDOS our and everyone who walks in their home!

EDOS, 52 years young, continues to have an impact on our community at large, and promotes Torah,Yiddishkeit, and growth throughout Denver.

The EDOS family and community have been the backbone of the East Side Denver Jewish community since 1962.

EDOS, and our devoted members, have been key contributors to the Eruv, Mikvaot, Tomechai Shabbos, Bikor Cholim, Chevra Kadisha, and more.

The many different schools and Torah learning institutions throughout the city wouldn't be able to sustain themselves without the support of many hard working individuals from the EDOS Community.

Our library is packed with classic works of Jewish scholarship in Hebrew, Aramaic, and English, accessible to learners, chavruta, and classes at all leverls.

Let's not forget the commitment to provide a Davening and learning atmosphere for all to attend daily throughout the entire year come rain, snow, or sunshine.

Come and enjoy our western hospitality, and watch the remodeling project blossom.

Click here to visit our initial sketches of the 2014 EDOS Aron project.

See Events for information on current events, past scholars-in-residence, Shul honorees, lectures, summer kollel, Shul dessert receptions, and even our softball team! Even some videos and musical selections. Thank you so much to all the volunteers who make these events such a success!