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The East Denver Orthodox Synagogue

First Orthodox East Side Synagogue in Denver.
Committed to continued service to the entire Jewish Community.

The East Denver Orthodox Synagogue was established in 1962, and has served as a backbone of the Orthodox Community. We offer minyanim three times a day, shiurim, social programs, and youth programming, all in a friendly and warm environment. Our members have been instrumental in the establishment of many communal insititutions, such as the Eruv, the Mikvah, Bikur Cholim, all three day schools, Chevra Kadisha, Rose Hill Cemetery, and other important organizations.

EDOS is located within ready walking distance of the three hotels within the East Side Eruv, and has an accessible entrance. Please call us if you would like to visit and experience our Shabbos hospitality.

Audio Shiur

Click on the image to the right to reminisce about our annual event, A Night in Sepharad

Thank you to all the participants in our annual dinner for EDOS and its honorees, Jeff and Mindy Hecht, and our special Youth Award recipients, Avi Mehler and Shlomo Fried, for a fun and food filled evening of music and camaradarie.

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Pesach is Coming!

Please come to join us for our many opportunities for learning over the holiday!

Chametz sale forms are available! Rabbi Rapp, and Rabbi Last as his agent, are available to sell your chametz for Pesach! This year there are separate forms, one regular, and one early for anyone leaving earlier than the regular time for bedikat chametz. Select the appropriate form, and in any case, see Rabbi Rapp or Rabbi Last personally for a kinyan to effect the sale.
Regular (Word) (PDF)
Early (Word) (PDF)

See Events for information on current events, past scholars-in-residence, Shul honorees, lectures, summer kollel, Shul dessert receptions, and even our softball team! Even some videos and musical selections. Thank you so much to all the volunteers who make these events such a success!