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2017 Eclipse

2017 Eclipse Trip

Photo credits for the pictures go to Madhukar Bommala, Dr. Steve Feldman, Rabbi Dani Rapp, Michael Schwartz, and Dr. Andy White

2015 Annual Event

2015 Annual Event

Photo credits for pictures of the annual event go to Avital Rotbart and Wally Halper

2015 Holidays

Yomim Noraim
Sukkot 2015

2015 Summer Kollel

2015 Summer Kollel Events

Rabbi Rosensweig

Rabbi Rosensweig, 2015-08-14

2014 Yomim Noraim

2014 Yomim Noraim
2014 Sukkot

Reconstruction Dedication

Please click here for the poster for this exciting event

Rabbi Moshe and Hasidah Pinchuk--Scholars-in-residence

Please click here for the poster for this inspiring weekend

Rabbi Steven Weil, Executive Vice President of the OU visits EDOS as scholar-in-residence on March 21st and 22nd

Please click here for details on this exciting opportunity!

Dr. Marc Shapiro visits on Shabbat, January 25th, as a scholar-in-residence.

Dr. Shapiro holds the Weinberg Chair in Judaic Studies at the University of Scranton. A graduate of Brandeis and Harvard Universities, he is the author of numerous articles and reviews. He has also written Between the Yeshiva World and Modern Orthodoxy and The Limits of Orthodox Theology, both of which were National Jewish Book Award Finalists. His newest book, on censorship in Jewish history, will appear in 2014.

Please make your plans to join in this special Shabbat. Click here to see the full schedule of events.

Our Annual Event: A Night in Sefarad

Our 2013 annual Shul event takes place at the Wellshire Inn on October 24th.

We have special honorees, Jeff and Mindy Hecht

We also present a special Youth Leadership award to Avi Mehler and Shlomo Fried

Details can be found in the program, Ad Journal forms can be found here, and you can conveniently make your donation here via Paypal!

EDOS Youth Participate in Yachad

Several synagogue youth participated in this wonderful, international program for those challenged with disabilities. Details are found here.

2013 YU Summer Kollel
From June 27th to July 22nd, we have the honor of hosting Rabbi Dani and Chaya Rapp, and Ari and Meira Federgrun to lead our 2013 YU Summer Kollel.
Rabbi Meir and Hila Goldwicht, May 4th-5th
Scholars-in-Residence Rav Meir and Hila Goldwicht of YU—May 4th, Parshiot Behar / Bechukotai
Rabbi Adir Posy, May 10th-11th
Scholar-in-Residence Rabbi Adir Posy-May 10th-11th, Parasha Bamidbar
Rabbi Etan and Dr. Rebecca Schnall, Shavuot
Scholars-in-Residence Rabbi Etan and Dr, Rebecca Schnall, Shavuot, May 14th-16th
Rav Reuven Ungar of Shaalvim

Rav Ungar joins the Denver community on the weekend of April 12-13, Shabbat Tazria-Metzora Please join us in welcoming Rav Reuven Ungar, visiting from Yeshivat Sha'alvim in Israel. Rav Ungar is the Director of Alumni Affairs of Yeshivat Sha'alvim. Details here

Rabbinical Candidate Rabbi Mordechai and Caren Torczyner

A special Shabbat with Rabbi and Rebbitzin Torczyner, originally scheduled for February 8th and 9th. Now rescheduled for Parashat Vayahkel-Pekudai, March 8th-9th. See an overview here

Scholar-in-Residence, Rabbi Alan and Sandy Kalinsky

We welcome Rabbi Alan Kalinsky, Director of the Orthodox Union's West Coast Region, to join us as a Scholar-in-Residence for Parashat Yitro, February 1st and 2nd.

Get the brochure here

Rabbinical Candidate Rabbi Yisroel and Rebbitzin Roll

A special Shabbat with Rabbi Yisroel and Rebbitzin Julie Roll. Get the brochure here

East Meets West

A special Shabbat with Rabbi Tzvi Steinberg of Denver's Zera Abraham. Get the brochure here

2012 was EDOS's 50th year!

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate 50 years of service to the Denver and the Jewish Community with our dessert gala.

We enjoyed the show from internationally known comic Elon Gold, famed D Bar Desserts Pastry Princess Briana White demonstrating her sweet skills, and we sipped Baron Herzog's special wine selections.

Visit our event details and memories [here].