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DBar Dessert Recipe from the EDOS 50th Anniversary Gala

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Flourless Chocolate Cake

Ingredients Method
Chocolate 55% 1#
Butter 1#
Sugar 6 oz.
Coffee 12oz brewed
Eggs 8 ea
Melt margarine, chocolate and sugar over double boiler
Transfer to 5qt w/paddle
Add coffee
Mix until cool
Add eggs 1 at a time
Bake at 300 degrees in waterbath

Tropical Granita

Ingredients Method
Pineapple juice 500g
Orange juice 500g
Passion fruit juice 75g
Granulated sugar 100 g/tt
Tahitian vanilla bean 1 ea
Lemongrass stalks 5 ea
Make vanilla sugar
Strip, split and pound lemongrass on top of vanilla sugar
Warm half the OJ and pineapple juice with pounded lemongrass stalks just to melt vanilla sugar
Strain, season to taste and chill
Freeze in shallow pan

Chocolate Sauce

Yield: one half gallon

Ingredients Method
Water 1 qt
Granulated sugar 1 lb 12 oz
Cornstarch 2.5 oz
Water 4 oz
Vanilla extract .5 oz
Cocoa powder 6oz
Bittersweet chocolate 6oz
Bring the 2 quarts of water and the sugar to a boil
Scale the chocolate and cocoa powder into a separate bowl
Slowly pour the simple syrup over the chocolate mixture whisking constantly to form a simple ganache
Make a sluree with the cornstarch, vanilla extract and eight ounces of water
Return chocolate mixture to the heat and whisk in the sluree and bring mixture to a light boil over medium heat stirring constantly
Cook until sauce thickens and starchiness is gone
Strain and chill