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EDOS has been blessed to be the incubator for many good ideas, which often spring out into concrete form.

Each idea generally has a very small group of passionate individuals who make it happen. These volunteers are the most valuable resources of a Jewish community—or any community

We salute those who invent, facilitate, and institutionalize these events!

The Great American Eclipse

On August 21, 2017, 3 15-passenger vans and a number of individual cars made their way to Glendo, Wyoming and environs to observe the eclipse in a location with over 2 minutes of totality. The experience was quite literally indescribable.

Logistics included an early-as-possible davening and layning at EDOS, expert driving by our volunteer drivers, and eclipse viewing with CE-certified eclipse glasses. A barbecue near Cheyenne, and a leisurely drive back by 6:30 PM completed the experience.

2017 Eclipse Viewing eclipse

You can find additional pictures from the trip on our Eclipse Trip page


Denver has a wonderful tradition of Jewish community baseball, and the league has two divisions —Corned Beef and Pastrami

The EDOS team combined with the Klal Yisroel team to form the Klalboration of BandEDOS. Cheer 'em on!

2009 Softball team

Hiking Club

EDOS hiking club provided a healthy outlet for outdoor enthusiasts

Maxwell Falls Hike

Maxwell Falls Group

Meyers Ranch Hike

Maxwell Falls Group

Castlewood Canyon Hike

Maxwell Falls Group

Mount Falcon Hike

Maxwell Falls Group

YU Summer Scholar Kollel

EDOS has been pleased to host the YU Summer Scholar Kollel program for several years, in cooperation with the DAT Minyan

[2012 YU Summer Kollel image]

Scholars in Residence

February, 2013: Rabbi Alan Kalinsky
Rabbi Kalinsky
January, 2013: Rabbi Tzvi Steinberg
November, 2012: Rabbi Shalom Hammer
June, 2011: Rabbi Bent Melchior, Chief Rabbi Emeritus of Denmark
Rabbi Melchior Program
May, 2012: Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman


And what Shul social calendar is complete without some Sushi!

[Sushi Event]

Purim Baskets for American Soldiers

Rayna Zussman and Rabbi Marc Gitler organized around this need, and we received appreciative letters, and a few pictures from COL Abramowitz and Rabbi Ehrenpreis.

[Purim in Iraq] [Purim in Iraq] [Purim in Iraq]