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EDOS and Security

Why are we doing this?

Due to increased concern in the Jewish community about increasing acts of violence, many organizations, including EDOS, have made adjustments to increase security for the shul and the congregants.

These preparations are based on recommendations of the Jewish Community Resource Council (JCRC), the Orthodox Union (OU), and consultation with local law enforcement. Some links are provided below.

What measures will I notice?

  1. You will note that the doors are kept locked at all times. At service times, volunteers are stationed by the door to let congregants and visitors in, even without operating the lock.
  2. The shul has surveillance sensors, and these allow the volunteers to see who is at the door.
  3. Largish peep-holes have been installed on the shul doors to allow those inside to see outside the door.

What you can do:

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